Sunday, February 13, 2005

Government, Military, & Media (Tri-conspiracy)

There are not many people who are highly in tune with what is really going on in the world, especially with the military & government. Most people are ignorant or blinded by the pretenses of the media and whoever is controlling the media. I know that there are victims and intentional shadowy figures somewhere out there among trillions of humans in the world. They could be in Europe, America, Italy, Germany, or anywhere else. Victims are the ones who knows the truth but are forced to keep their mouth shut or else. Some have come forward anyway... There are intentional shadowy figures who are actually the truth themselves, the masterminds. They are the ones who are working behind the scenes of government, military, & media. These three seem to connect to each other in a lot of ways... We do know for a fact that this world is getting crazier every year. Real war of the world started during world war 1 and that was recent! Then we had world war 2 after just a few years. After that, we have been having small wars with other countries trying to foolishly solve problems. In truth, we are only making things dramatically dangerous by pushing each others' button back and forth. Yes, we are helping Iraq set up new government and make that country a better place to live. However, that is just the opinion of the media. In my own opinion, I figured that the "black" government (or military?) got greedy and stealthily took over Iraq. As you all already know, Iraq have plenty of oil! (President Bush & his dad went after the same oil, country, and Saddam, isn't that NOT a coindence?). That could be the black government/military's motivations. First they thought up of a plan to falsely lead Americans and another allies into thinking that there is someone named Osama Bin Laden who caused World Trade Center's sad shambles. After that had happened, the United States Army Force had a great excuse to invade Afghanistan. Soldiers took over that country immediately. It did not take long until Saddam Hussein became the next focus of the war! Where did that come from? All of a sudden Saddam Hussein is the villain! Bin Laden is old news! Something controverisal connecting to Saddam was needed. At first, weapons of mass destruction was the main object that connected to Saddam. None were found by the investigators but the black gov./mil. kept making up accusations against Saddam. Finally, he was taken down. Now U.S. military has truly taken over Iraq. President Bush and his white house members are trying to convert Iraq into the way they hope will turn out to be a version of America but somewhat different in a way that even I can not think of what it could be. Some of you know what I am talking about. The media, knowing they would make so much profits, started to blab Saddam's name and hurled accusations toward him. The media was not able to do that before because the news were not made official by the president. Just so you all know, most media just say what they hear from others, especially from the VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE (V.I.P.). They do not care whether it is true nor not as long as it is from the V.I.P. You people need to stop believing most of the things they say... Think for yourself and hold fast for what is about to happen.... It's not what some of you, blinded and fooled, think is really going on whether you like it or not... Not even I like what I said but it is something that I must be prepared for. >>>>THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION!!<<<<


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